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Balino Lovell Creatives

“We are an independent and upcoming collaborative design team with fresh ideas, thinking both inside and outside the BOX.


Passionate about brand identities, either creating new ones or applying our creative ideas whilst following guidelines.


We offer a wide variety of original, customised and ready-made designs.


Conceptually, we concentrate on simplicity, clarity and communication between the design and its target audience to achieve the best result for our clients”


Meyrick John Balino Lovell

Balino Lovell Creatives offers consultation to your business branding, improving  and enhancing, as well as optimising your brand identity. We will discuss your project, your vision and inspirations to create an overview of the project so we can lead your brand into the right direction and create a wonderful experience for your audience.


Please note that a consultation charge applies prior to meeting with clients at a rate of £35.00 per hour for the first 2 hours and £25.00 per hour thereafter. The initial agreed length of the consultation must be paid upon prior to the meeting consultation.